1) Sky Dive, I want to sky dive because it is something that people never want to do and or cant do so I would like to get the chance to do something that very few people really actually do. It is also a very thrill seeking event that would be so cool to actually do (unless your afraid of heights).Image


2) Drive my dream car around a NASCAR track, because when you get a luxury car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini you never really get the chance to max it out and let it show it’s true power, so it would be awesome to get the chance to be able to max out my dream car the Audi R8 GT


 3) Star in a commercial. I would like to star in a commercial because its another fun thing that not alot of people get to do and it would be pretty awesome to see myself on TV and know that Hey! people are watching you star in this awesome commercial!Image


4) I would like to make my own line of basketball shoes. I want to do this because I am a basketball player and I know that everyone who is a basketball player wants to wear cool on the court basketball shoes, and if I made my own line then people would by them from like a Dick’s or Foot Locker. It would be awesome going to a gym and seeing a young player wear my shoes… it would put the biggest smile on my face =D.



5) Visit all 7 Wonders of the World. My family is full of travelers, my parents go to a lot of European countries like Italy and France, and my brother has been to Australia and New Zealand, so I feel like I should do something that nobody (not even my parents!) get to do! It is also challenging seeing all 7 because its all over the world. If I had enough money to blow it seeing all 7… it would be worth it, blowing my money to see ALL 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD.



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